10. 30. 22

Upcoming Webinar: Managing the Cross-Generational Workforce


Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever, with multiple generations of employees together in the workplace, each with their own attitudes, views, values, and approaches.

Leaders are finding that yesterday’s one-size-fits-all leadership style isn’t working for the emerging generations, and that embracing generational diversity and creating inclusivity across all age groups is critical for building an engaged and high-performing workforce.

Join XpanseHR as we explore the different values, mentalities, and approaches to work that each of the five generations in the workplace bring, and how leaders can adapt to create inclusivity, inspire productivity, and maximize the benefits of a cross-generational workforce.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the different work styles, behaviors, drivers and values of each generation
  • Explore best practices for successfully leading a cross-generational workforce
  • Tips, tools and techniques for communicating to multigenerational audiences
  • Recruitment and retention practices to build a high-performing cross-generational workforce
  • Strategies to embrace the contributions and challenges of a multigenerational team


Who Will Benefit

Managers, Supervisors, Team leaders, HR professionals, Small business owners, Executives


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