9. 6. 22

PROXUS Finalizes Rebrand, Becomes XpanseHR


PROXUS, once a leading provider of HR Management and Payroll Technology solutions, has completed a major rebranding initiative and is now XpanseHR, Wisdom for the Workplace.


Our Back Story

PROXUS was founded in 2006 as a joint venture between Granatt HR and Professional Payroll Solutions.

Over the course of fourteen years, PROXUS provided businesses with HR solutions under its HR Management Services division and Payroll and Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions under its HCM Technology division. In 2020, the HCM Technology division of PROXUS was acquired by iSolved.

Since then, PROXUS has realigned its vision to become the leading provider of HR and People Management solutions.


A Rebrand with a Vision

The XpanseHR brand, logo and website serve to reflect this vision and align with the organization’s mission to help companies better find, manage, and develop a high-performing workforce through its HR Outsourcing, Advisory and Compensation services.

XpanseHR Founder and President Jeff Green reflects:

“We are excited to see XpanseHR grow into the future. We have a great team of passionate HR professionals who are committed to helping companies improve their HR and People Management operations.

The XpanseHR name and brand perfectly capture our team’s commitment to providing expanded wisdom, expertise, and our unique HR capabilities to businesses who are looking to improve their HR programs.”