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Over the past year, COVID has significantly disrupted organizations, changing how and where employees work, and how businesses communicate with and engage their workforce.

As we forge ahead in a changed world, organizations are now challenged with rethinking how they attract and develop talent, engage employees, maintain compliance, and foster productivity. To address this, PROXUS is hosting a content series that explores how business leaders can build a forward-thinking HR strategy in 2021.

In our first Virtual Roundtable, “Elevating Your People Strategy in 2021,” PROXUS Principal and Co-Founder Jeff Green was joined by Mark Lacher, Chief Revenue Officer and Partner at Lacher; Milton Corsey, Director of Human Capital Solutions at AchieveNEXT; and Michael J. Torchia, Esq., of Semanoff, Ormsby, Greenberg & Torchia, LLC.

View the recording below as they discuss the three cornerstones of managing every workforce – people, culture and compliance – and some of the top considersations and best practices leaders should embrace.