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2024 HR Checklist



Each year, organizations face a multitude of unique HR challenges.

Now is a good time to evaluate your organization’s overall HR function so you are prepared for whatever challenges and opportunities 2024 brings. Review XpanseHR’s 2024 HR Checklist to help you navigate 2024.



  • Our Recruitment Strategy is reviewed and updated annually.
  • We use a validated Candidate Selection Tool that ensures a strong fit within our roles.
  • We have an established Recruitment Process that is consistent and centralized.
  • Our Online Presence is well-managed, and we respond quickly to candidate and employee feedback.
  • We maintain a strong and consistent Employer Brand across all platforms.
  • Our postings contain Legally Compliant Language including EEO, ADA and At-Will statements.


HR Operations

  • Our Employee Handbook has been reviewed and updated with federal, state and local regulation changes within the past year.
  • We have a formalized New Hire Orientation and Onboarding Process.
  • We subscribe to a Labor Law Poster Service that provides posters in all states we operate in, and we disseminate posters electronically as well as post at all work locations.
  • Federal I-9 Forms are accurately completed for al employees within the required timeframe and are maintained separately from employee files.
  • I-9 Audits are conducted on a regular basis to assure proper completion and employment authorization renewal for expiring documents.
  • All managers and supervisors are Trained on Essential Skills to recruit, manage, and retain employees whole maintaining compliance and engagement.
  • We have a consistent Performance Review Process that is implemented for all employees on a regular basis.
  • We have tools in place to document Corrective Action and Performance Improvement plans.
  • All staff are trained on our commitment to a Harassment-Free Workplace and are reminded of the reporting procedures annually.



  • Our positions have up-to-date job descriptions and are compliant with the ADA and EEO.
  • Our Compensation practices comply with the FLSA Exempt and Non-Exempt classifications and overtime rules.
  • We complete regular Pay Equity analyses to assure equal and fair pay across all departments and positions.
  • We look at key benchmark positions annually to ensure our wages remain competitive in the market.
  • Our Salary and Merit Budgets are reviewed and updated annually to ensure effectiveness and compliance.
  • Our starting rates for new employees are keeping pace with the market.
  • We have a written communication policy that guides compensation decision-making.
  • Our Compensation and Total Rewards Strategy is clearly communicated to our employees.
  • Our compensation philosophy aligns pay with the vision and values of our organization.
  • We have well-defined salary ranges that are aligned with the market.


Every business is different, and this HR Checklist is not exhaustive. For help with your HR and People Management needs in 2023, contact XpanseHR at or 610-614-5500.