2023 HR Checklist

  Each year, organizations face a multitude of unique HR challenges. In 2022, the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting impacted organizations’ recruiting efforts and talent pools. Now is a good time to evaluate your organization’s overall HR function so you are prepared for whatever challenges and opportunities 2023 brings. Review XpanseHR’s 2023 HR Checklist to […]

A Guide to Understanding Pronouns in the Workplace

  Pronouns are becoming more important in the workplace as organizations ramp up their diversity and inclusion efforts. This Guide breaks down the importance of pronouns and the steps that organizations can take to ensure employees feel respected and appreciated in the workplace.   As gender pronoun awareness becomes more commonplace across all areas of […]

Managing the Multigenerational Workforce

  Today’s multigenerational workforce is more diverse than ever, with five generations of employees together in the workplace, each with their own attitudes, views, values, and approaches. Leaders are finding that yesterday’s one-size-fits-all leadership style isn’t working, and that embracing generational diversity and creating inclusivity across all age groups is critical for building an engaged […]

Quiet Quitting: A New Trend or Age-Old Problem?

Laptop in Sand

Quiet quitting is the latest buzz phrase in the workplace. While it carries negative connotations, it is being embraced by those looking to pull back from the hustle culture. Since its debut on TikTok back in July, the term quiet quitting has been not-so-quietly making waves across social media, mainstream news, and in the workplace. […]

PROXUS Finalizes Rebrand, Becomes XpanseHR

PROXUS, once a leading provider of HR Management and Payroll Technology solutions, has completed a major rebranding initiative and is now XpanseHR, Wisdom for the Workplace.   Our Back Story PROXUS was founded in 2006 as a joint venture between Granatt HR and Professional Payroll Solutions. Over the course of fourteen years, PROXUS provided businesses […]