Trusted HR Consulting Professionals in Allentown, PA

With the right HR consulting partner by your side, the growth and potential of your Allentown, PA company is limitless.

At XpanseHR, we have over 20 years of experience providing top-notch HR services to businesses of all sizes. With our HR experts on your side, we will help your organization reach its fullest potential.

HR outsourcing services in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with professionals working together.

From Employee Handbooks to Benefits Administration, We Will Handle All of Your HR Tasks

Our human resources services range anywhere from helping manage the day-to-day HR tasks of your business to providing strategic guidance on your most complex workplace problems. No matter what HR support your Allentown, PA company needs, we’re here to offer our HR expertise and hands-on guidance to lead you to success.

At XpanseHR, our HR consulting services can optimize your:

Employee Handbooks

You need to provide your employees with the necessary policies, procedures and manuals to do their jobs appropriately. We can review and help you develop a comprehensive Employee Handbook to help guide your employees and your organization.

Employee Training and Development

We can help you build and deliver strong training programs that ensure your employees stay on a growth plan. We can also evaluate your current training programs and work with you to implement appropriate changes.


From FLSA to OSHA and beyond, there are many regulations you need to navigate to provide a safe and fair workplace environment for your employees. Our human resources outsourcing in Allentown, PA helps keep your business compliant.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts in the workplace arise from time to time. It’s inevitable. Our team of experts can provide HR support in Philadelphia and beyond to help you resolve conflicts quickly and effectively, so your business can get back on track.

Compensation Consulting

It can be difficult to stay ahead in today’s ever-changing market. We can help develop compensation programs that position your company competitively in the marketplace, helping you to attract and retain top talent.

Looking For An HR Partner in Allentown?

For a reliable and knowledgeable HR partner in Allentown, PA, look no further than XpanseHR. With over two decades of experience supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes, we have become one of the most trusted names in the area.

If you would like to learn more about how our HR consulting and HR Outsourcing services can help your business, reach out to us today to speak to our team.

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